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Default Bonjour from Babolat


My name is Daniel. I work for Babolat. I was previously posting on my personal account “beckerdx,” and there was some confusion as to the validity of my identity. At the suggestion of some users (and the graciousness of TW), my name was changed to “Babolat Official.”

We love how active the forums are. You are the “tennis nuts” who help keep our sport alive and growing. I am not here to sell you Babolat product. Some people love Babolat. But a lot of people don’t…and that is perfectly OK. We all love tennis.

Think of me as an informational resource. I don’t have all the answers at my fingertips, but I’ll try to get them from the right teams (product, warranty, etc.). There is also a fair amount of speculation, production information, etc., in the forums, which is a good thing. When it comes to Babolat product, feel free shoot me an email: You are an extremely active and informed community, and I would love to help when possible.

My tennis background:
Playing experience: Division 3 (Kenyon College)
Playing style: aggressive baseliner
Current set-up: 2013 Aeropro Drive, RPM 18 @48 lbs, Leather Grip, VS original grip

Tension was 60-65 until Pro Red Code. Since then, 48-52 depending on conditions.
*Grip 3
**grip 2
***grip 3 (leather)

Racquet history (from 12 years old)
Head Ti Radical / Wilson Sensation 17 *
Babolat Pure Drive (swirly) / Klipper Pearl-Zone 16 *
Babolat Pure Drive Zylon 360 / Klipper Pearl-Zone 16 *
Dunlop 200g Muscle Weave / Klipper Pearl-Zone 16 *
Babolat Pure Drive (Block letters) / Big Banger Alu Power 125 *
Babolat Pure Drive (Block letters) / Tecnifibre Pro Red Code 125 *
Head Liquidmetal Xtreme / Tecnifibre Pro Red Code 125 **
Babolat Aeropro Drive (1st cortex) / Big Banger Alu Power 125 **
Head MicroGel Prestige Pro / Tecnifibre Black Code 118 **
Babolat Pure Storm Tour (2009) / Big Banger Alu Power 125 **
Babolat Aerostorm (2010 - yellow) / RPM 17 & VS 16 Hybrid **
Babolat Aeropro Drive (2010) / RPM 18 ***
Babolat Aeropro Drive (2013) / RPM 18 ***
Babolat Aeropro Drive PLAY. RPM Blast 17 @48 lbs (constant pull, Sensor Expert)

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