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Originally Posted by morandi View Post
This question is for Andy:

I know you've been playing a lot with the 2013 Aeropro drive. I am torn between the standard length version and plus version and I was wondering what made you opt to continue playing with the standard length version vs. the plus which you reviewed favorably?
I have demoed the 2013 standard length which I loved, and I am looking for a racquet that gives me any advantage on the serve, I like to end points as quickly as possible, and it seems the Plus version of the racquet has very little downside. Any thoughts/insights would be great.
I am played for a while with the Aeropro GT and I am currently playing with the Becker Delta core pro.
I really enjoyed playtesting both, but I think I slightly preferred the Plus version to the standard length. For me, the plus length version had a little extra heft, which was the one thing I thought the standard version was missing. It's also a lot easier to generate pace and spin with the plus versions, simply because your lever is longer and you can generate more torque. There is obviously going to be an adjustment period since the length of the racquet is different, but personally after a bit of an adjustment period I enjoyed the plus version more.

Andy, TW
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