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Default Poly and hybrids

Originally Posted by klu375 View Post
OP - at 13-15 - you have to involve your daughter into the process as she has to like her racket. Ask her what manufacturers she likes, show her rackets on TW and get all sorts of demos - lighter and heavier, pay attention to swing-weight as well as weight. String them with the same strings and conduct hitting sessions with a hitting partner while you (and your coach) observe the action. Include serving, backhand volleys and slice in your playtest. Collect feedback from everyone (including hitting partner - he will tell you when she hits the heaviest ball). Changing rackets is cumbersome and costly. Most probably she will select the same racket as some other good girl is using or the one that her favorite pro is using. If she is sponsored - almost all manufacturers have demo programs that is very valuable if she uses grip 2 - hard to get a demo with this grip from a public source. Establishing relationships with a local pro shop may help.
The strung weights 11.1 - 11.3 and head sizes 95-100" are the most popular. Based on what kind of player she is decide if she needs more power or more control, open or closed string pattern, type of strings. Many girls start using co-poly hybrid or full co-poly at this age. If she takes the ball early with a short swing she may be better off with a lighter racket.
1.One should be very careful selecting poly and hybrids at this age.
It is very difficult to establish how long a GIVEN set of strings can be used
2.Using 95 rackets requires some evaluation of skills
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