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Originally Posted by I Heart Thomas Muster View Post
Thank you for doing this Daniel. My question is are you aware of any talk of releasing Pure Drives or Aeropro Drives with a softer flex? I love the way the racquets play but they can irritate my wrist tendinitis and that was with Tonic/RPM hybrid I currently use.

Thanks in advance.
Sorry to hear about that. The stiffer flex contributes to the Pure Drive and Aeropro Drive power. Think about hitting a ball against two walls, one of concrete and one made of sponge. The ball hitting off the concrete (PD or APD) comes back with much more power. While the ball hit against the sponge wall (Pure Storm) comes back with less power but more control.

In short, the flex will not be changing in the immediate future.

Glad you like our string though!
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