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Originally Posted by julian View Post
1.One should be very careful selecting poly and hybrids at this age.
2. It is very difficult to establish how long a GIVEN set of strings can be used
3. Using 95 rackets requires some evaluation of skills
1. - Player has to try it and see if she likes the feel of poly
2. - Not with all smartphone based apps nowadays. Hybrid can be used until softer string breaks. Full poly - need to establish experimentally how many hours it can be used. I used to do tension graphs and spreadsheets but now my player mostly breaks strings before they become unplayable. Occasionally she would complain that the racket sprays the balls - then I would restring

The most important - string poly with lower tension.
3. Generally agree that 95" require advanced skills but some 95" are almost the size of 100" and more forgiving. When we playtested I remember that BLX Tour 95" was much more playable than Pure Storm 98"
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