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Originally Posted by Babolat Official View Post
Sorry to hear about that. The stiffer flex contributes to the Pure Drive and Aeropro Drive power. Think about hitting a ball against two walls, one of concrete and one made of sponge. The ball hitting off the concrete (PD or APD) comes back with much more power. While the ball hit against the sponge wall (Pure Storm) comes back with less power but more control.

In short, the flex will not be changing in the immediate future.

Glad you like our string though!
Well unfortunately I won't be buying another one then. I had a PD 2012 for 6 months during which my tennis elbow returned to haunt me. Since selling it my elbow is back to healthy again.

Tant pis as I really liked in all other respects.

babolat need to address this issue as it does alienate a significant number of people. An aquaintance of mine actually had to give up a career in tennis due to acute tendonitis developed whilst playing with the APD. They are rackets for young men with young joints/tendons.
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