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Originally Posted by hhollines View Post
"Southern,southern Cali,and Florida The Three Best!!!"

So the reality is, for the rest of us is, we will have to move to SoCal, FL, or TX to have the chance of becoming a top player. I don't want to believe that but the data is unbiased and that's what it says . . . the data is the data.

We are in Intermountain and it's a major challenge to find court time in the cold weather months and we just lose ground and over the years, it becomes a major issue . . . the delta gets bigger and bigger from the 12s to 14s to 16s to 18s. I guess it's Malcolm Gladwell's social environment argument. You need to be in a good social environment and otherwise it's a major challenge. We become big fish in a small pond.

It's a major issue for us parents in weaker sections. Why spend $ when the data is overwhelming? Lots of other sports requiring less $ with the same benefits. Or, and I would fight this in the past, the response is "move to CA or FL," if you want to have a chance at play top level tennis.

Maybe that's just the reality. Other thoughts?
Well, under the new changes all the really good players from your section who are now only playing national and regionals are going to be forced to play back in the section, so the level of play at sectional events will increase. The changes are also going to make tennis a lot less expensive by reducing the cost of traveling becuase now instead of flying to a regional or national events in Colorado Springs or Sacramento they only have to fly to sectionals in Las Vegas or Denver. That will save a soooo much money they will be able to afford the indoor courts now, so they will give up basketball and football for tennis, and you will again have better competition. And I am sure the Intermountian section is working on creating a bunch of really great new sectional events to replace the regional and national opens and you won't have to worry about playing good kids from other sections becuase they are not allowed to play in them. And you wont have to miss school to go play kids in other sections becuase all those tournaments are closed too so you are not allowed to play in those either.

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