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Originally Posted by cluelessmoose View Post
Today I took my APD gt and my new head youteck speed pro (18 mm beam) out for a hit. I matched them completely. Same weighting, strings, and grip. I was surprised to find that while they have the same stiffness (70 RA), the speed pro hit quite a bit softer in comparison. It had almost a mushy feel to hit and the ball came off with a bit less spin and pace. Could this have something to do with the difference in beam width or shape despite the frames having the same stiffness?
But they're not the same stiffness? Most Speeds are 60, some are 64 and one is 65. The APD gt is 70. that's a huge difference. The speed will hit softer because its a softer racquet, and a softer frame will absorb more shock and power, so less power is transferred to the ball itself. That's why you feel like there's more pace coming off the APD.

This isn't to say you can't hit with the same pace with your Speed, you just need to have a more solid kinetic chain to do so.
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