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^ I've never checked the balance on them, but I did weigh them on a postal scale about a year ago, and strung up with rubber band dampeners and overgrips, three weighed in at 12oz even, and the fourth came in at 12.1 (which could have been due to a thicker gauge string, since they all had different strings at the time).
Mine came to 350.9 grams (almost 12.4oz) with strings, worm dampener, head guard tape, and overgrip. I still need to get it to at least 12.6oz. Also, it has a 330mm balance and 356SW. I was hitting with it yesterday and it felt pretty nice. It has Head Sonic Pro 17g which is much much softer than I like, and it was a little "pingy" even with the worm dampener on. I'm hoping that's just from the string
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