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Originally Posted by Dr. Perry View Post
As far as spec is concerned, I am looking at:

98-100 sq in; 10.8 - 11.1 oz strung weight, < 65 stiffness.

Do you think these are about right for the skill level between intermediate and advanced, or advanced?
I can simply recommend you all around great racket - Yonex Vcore 100S. If you wait for a month - it will go on bigger sale as the next version is already available overseas.
She needs even more power - try Wilson Juice or Bab Pure Drive
She needs more control - try Head 18x20 thinner beam offerings
A little bit longer racket - Wilson BLX Tour

You need to match racket to her game and more importantly - ask her if she has preferences - does she want a red racket or a blue racket?
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