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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
1) How many playing hours do you get from RPM at 48 pounds in your APD?

2) Are you swithching to the new APD?

3) And, why did Babolat change the swingweight in the new APD (in comparison with the prior model?
1. I play with 18 it breaks in about 2-4 hours. 17 gauge lasts 8-14.
2. Yes. I played with a couple versions of the PD, but liked the 2010 APD better better than the 2012 PD. However, I really liked the APD update for 2013. More control and feel for me on everything but slice backhands (still working on that).
3. I do not know if this was a conscious choice or a byproduct of the new cortex. Shoot me an email and I will try to get a response from the product team.
Babolat Aeropro Drive PLAY. RPM Blast 17 @48 lbs (constant pull, Sensor Expert)
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