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Originally Posted by Towser83 View Post
Reading this (came here to see if there was any news about Nadal's training etc) a couple of things.

First, I don't get it. It seems like his complaining is nitpicking. I mean isn't the real embarrassment someone looking at your penis? If you can take that I don't get why you would object to having to turn around. Even if it is not needed, that alone isn't a reason to object. Does it cause any additional humiliation? Maybe it does for Rafa, but I really don't get why. He's ok with a guy looking at his junk but he doesn't want to turn around. Eh?

Second, there probably is a reason for turning around. You could (believe it or not) have a false bladder with a tube running along your penis with some putty or whatever covering it up, disguised as your normal skin. It would probably be harder to hide the bladder if you are not wearing a shirt and your pants are down and you do a full 360 turn. I know it's embarrassing standing naked in front of a stranger, but you know that's the price to pay if you're a multi millionare sportsman (same as getting woken up at 6.30. You know i'll take that slight inconvenience for several million) and there are times when you just have to accept it. I mean you go to the doctor cos you have a lump on your testicle - he's going to not only look at your privates but PHYSICALLY examine you. And given the possibility of doping and using prosthetics, players are lucky they don't get physically examined. Yes it wouldn't be nice, but you're earning millions and could be cheating your way to that money. You have to sometimes have that downside to life, ordinary people have to go through things more uncomfortable so just accept it..
Having said that I do think they should give a proper explanation to Nadal about why they need him to do a 360 turn. If you have a rule you should be able to explain it officially.

Yes to all of this. This is what I have been trying to get across, but for some reason, it ain't getting through.

I also think that even if Nadal was told why they do this(he should be able to figure it out for himself, but he seems limited, so maybe he needs it explained), I think he would STILL complain about it. He will never be happy until they stop drug testing altogether.
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