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At 3 years, we have the longest product cycle of any of the big retailers. The 2009 and 2011 Pure Storm aside, we update the technology on our racquets in addition to the cosmetic. For example, the 2012 Pure Drive and 2013 Aeropro Drive have a new cortex system. I strongly suggest you demo the old and new versions with the same string/tension/grip. It feels different. There are many boards debating if it feels better or worst, but we leave that up to you.
Yeah cool, thanks, I will do that. But just wondering why racquets are so expensive today with 30 year old manufacturing - and quite frankly not much innovation (including pixie dust cortex.. no offense). One mold and many years doing the same process in Taiwan should have lowered prices. After all FOB should be below 50 for you now..huh?
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