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Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
I don't see why it bothers you. You do the same thing, speaking your mind not caring of others like it and complaining about things pretty regularly.

Are you serious?, why would it bother him to have his privacy invaded like that?.
Oh, not at all. We have two valid, conflicting interests here: keeping sports clean of doping and people's right of privacy. A balance has to be found, where the right or acceptable balance is is indeed debatable, and Nadal like everyone else has every right to say what he thinks about this subject.

You can sign anything you want, that in itself doesn't make it legal or constitutional.

Uhm, am I missing something?, you were talking about a gynecological examination, isn't that what one would call a medical examination?.

It bothers me because he sounds like an idiot just about every single time he opens his mouth. Especially when it comes to drug testing.

Yes, I am serious. And they can come and invade my privacy like that for the millions of dollars Nadal has made over the years hitting a yellow tennis ball over the net. Hell, I'll even do the 360 turn for them if they like. He is extremely fortunate, yet seems too dumb to be able to comprehend that.

The rest of this stuff is just lawyer mumble jumble and nothing more.

Yes, but I was talking about a body cavity search, which is not the same as a gyno exam.
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