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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
In the other thread we were talking about how Connors won only 4 official events in 1983, but 9 non-sanctioned events.

That gives him 13 titles of every kind, which puts him past Wilander's official total of 9 titles. Depending on whether Wilander won any non-sanctioned events, it's possible that Connors leads the year with 13 titles of every kind.

He won one Slam event (USO). So did McEnroe (Wimbledon), and so did Wilander (AO).

So if they each had one Slam victory, do Connors' 13 titles put him in the #1 spot for the year?

We usually think of either McEnroe or Wilander as the #1 this year, but we've almost never talked about the non-sanctioned events, and Connors won a ton of them in '83. McEnroe and Lendl each won only 1 non-sanctioned event, and each man won 7 official titles.

Here are the lists of non-sanctioned events:

Connors -

McEnroe -

Lendl -

Wilander's Wikipedia page is here: It does not say whether Mats played non-sanctioned events, but we know he played at least two, and lost to Connors in both of them (Newport Beach and Beaver Creek).
Mc Enroe wins Wimbledon,WCT and Masters. 3 of the top 6 events in that era.50%.No match, not even closed.

Connors won a great USO title ( only a big name in his path, Lendl, while Teltscher and Scanlon were mere second fiddle) but failed at Wimbledon,Masters and had that ignominous defeat at RG against Vasselyn.

Wilander did far better than Jimmy.He also reached the Masters semi but,besides winning the AO with two great wins over Mac and Lendl, reached the FO final.He also played the DC final.

Jimmy was n1 3 in 1983 and he was nš 3 in 1984.He never got anybetter after his great 1982 season.
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