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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
so explain why he got crushed by connors in 74 wim and USO ? was it because he was that much inferior to connors ????? no, its because the tough matches earlier took some energy away from him ...

now imagine going through multiple rounds of slug-fests on clay vs the likes of borg,vilas, orantes, dibbs, solomon, ramirez etc...... he might win one match, might, but by the next match, he'd be spent

frankly, if you think he could go through multiple rounds like that to win RG at nearly 40, you are delusional ...
I agree with your point of Rosewall getting burnt out at Wimbledon.he had to overcome the two last great W champs, Smith and Newcombe.But I would not say that much about the 74 USO.

Tanner and Amitraj did not wera him down as much.

Connors had to fight a guy called Kodes, who would wear his opponents down.He had a tough path before meeting the 3 times GS champion.Stockton was not that much of a deal but he was just as much tired as Kenny should be.IMO.
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