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Originally Posted by hersito View Post
I'll get that one for him, it's called Capitalism, companies make thing to win money, the more they can charge you the best for them, it they could they would charge it 1000 dollars. They probably have a cost of 20 to 30 dollars a racquet everything else is winnings for the company and resellers, just like anything else in industry today. A nike shoe s probably around 10 dollars or less cost and you pay them 100 to 200 dollars. Welcome to capitalism.
We also invest money into R&D, sponsoring junior, clubs, Roland Garros, etc. For example, Babolat Play&Connect. We've been working on the project for quite some time...If you've seen the videos about what it does, you can imagine the amount of resource it takes to make something like that.

Not that I don't enjoy a spirited debate on economic theory and the nature of privately owned companies, but I'll try to keep this thread just to Babolat products.
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