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Originally Posted by mntlblok View Post
I really like 5263's ideas on this - especially the part about explaining to the opponents that the two of you saw it "differently". Excellent. Leaves open the possibility that *either* of you might have been wrong, *and*, still leaves open the possibility that one of yer opponents may have *also* seen it clearly out and would then award the point to you.

I play "old man" age group tennis tournaments and it's well known who the cheaters are, and officials are often called out even before the match starts. That must feel great to the cheaters. Most tend to stop showing up. On the other hand, those of us with a reputation for fairness tend to not have to worry about bad calls coming from the other side.
I bet it's a fun group to play with..the regulars, the fair ones who don't have a reason not
to show up

Thanks for the comments about my ideas, but they aren't really mine. Can't remember
where, but read where someone suggested it was best to give your partner a chance to
correct his call thru a little private pow-wow after the call. It seemed like a good idea and
has worked very well for me.
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