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Originally Posted by riplayer View Post
Looking for a good easy on the arm racquet.
I did some reading on this website, and used the tool for finding one.
It is my understanding that such a racquet must be head light (or evenly balanced), flexible, head surface not so big.
The results of the search using the finding tool here are confusing to me, they cover all spectrum of specs - which cannot be right in my opinion.
Finally , I decided to try a Head Microgel Radical MP, reasonably priced ($89 new)

Any advice about this racquet?

I am an intermediate player, male, 57 y

Thank you
This has been my match racket for the past two months (singles) and I really like it. Strung with a poly at 50, has decent power and I am accurate and confident with it. Sweet spot is still quite smallish which means I don't love it in doubles but in singles it is great. Serves are not particularly pacey but placement makes up for it. I find I am very confident hitting out with it but that is 18x20s in general for me recently. The near even balance makes it feel very solid for the weight.
Nearly there...
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