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Well, I have played with the Kevlar hybrid for 4 days - 10 sets of doubles, 7 sets of singles and about 5 hours of hitting balls/rallying.
I can definitely say that Kevlar 50lbs/OGSM 56lbs has less spin than Genesis BM 56lbs/multi 60lbs. I can also say that this Kevlar hybrid has been a disadvantage over a poly hybrid in singles play for me - once I start playing 4.0+ players.
I played a 3.5 friend, and he won 3 games over 3 sets which is on par with what he usually gets off me. But when I played a 4.0 player the next day, the slightly less pace and spin from the Kevlar hybrid gave him opportunities on balls he normally does not get from me. Also, I did not get near as many free points off my serve as it was slowed enough to make a difference as well. I played the following day against another 4.0, and the results were the same. Everything was a notch down i.e. balls that were normally winners he could get to and rallying balls that were normally returned neutral he was able to be more aggressive on. When I went out with my wife, she even noticed the difference at her level. I switched to my poly hybrid, and she no longer could handle the spin and pace on the same shots. I switched back again to the Kevlar stick, and she could again handle the same shots with slightly less pace and spin.

The Kevlar did have great control, and it helped keep my two-handed backhand in check. I also very much liked playing with it at net in doubles. The stiff bed made volleys easy to control and put where I wanted. I actually like most aspects of playing the Kevlar in doubles except for serving. Again, singles was a different story as I mostly stay on the baseline except for coming in on short balls.
Another big positive of hitting with Kevlar so far is that it was forcing me to grow in my tennis play.....almost like playing with blades in golf.
I have to be much better with my placement and angles.
I have to really make sure I'm not cheating and use the entire kinetic chain on my groundstokes.
I had to coil my shoulders much further back on serve to gain extra spin and pace. When I served with my poly/multi hybrid with the new extra coiling, the pace and spin was unreal.

I understand that you want to practice what you play for consistency, but I think I might keep one racquet with the Kevlar hybrid as it helps reminds me where I might be getting sloppy/lazy.
The Kevlar has not lost any of its playability over about 15 hours. Honestly it feels like it is grabbing the ball more, and I am getting more spin the longer it plays. I have not completely given up on playing singles with Kevlar as next time, I will string it with a slicker co-poly cross like MSV Co-Focus and drop the tension from 50lbs/56lbs to 45lbs/50lbs; I had no pain issues with the Kevlar/SG hybrid.
But at this point, I can not imagine any Kevlar hybrid being more spinny and having enough pace to compete with even a low cost full poly bed such as Iontec Hexa.
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