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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Hey man, got your email. Sorry for the delay, traveling to China this week...
I would disagree with ART's comments above as I have tried it from 1/4 to 3/8 to 1/2 and back to 3/8 with OG and no easy fix.

My elbow snapped with the 260.2, a fairly soft stick, I believe around 58-59 RA. However, it was set up way too light. 330g strung and it did it and I am struggling with my elbow ever since. The PT57A did help for two reasons: 1) it was soft and 2) it was set up heavier, 355g. However, my TE is there and I still play with a brace.

Thes days I am using the IG Speed MP, so, not that soft, but, again, around 355-360g with the silicone in the handle (mutes vibrations) and lead around the hoop. My elbow is taking it, however, it always reminds me that it is not fixed, so, I have to be careful.

As for the PT57A -- the 2011 version went through a weird phase when the classic feel and softness were not there as in previous or IG versions. I've had a few ATP Pros also mention that and re-painting the older PJs just for the feel. IG PJ (2012) seemed to fix that. Not sure if it was a "bad" batch or a transition to a different manufacturing site...

Hope this helps.
You have an email with pictures of the sticks I'm looking at. They actually have the stickers in the throat but no specs or "PT57A" code. There is a picture of the hairpin so go ahead and check it out.
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