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Originally Posted by riplayer View Post
How important is the Stiffness score?
This one (Wilson) shows 65
Head Radical is 57.
According to the theory, the smaller this number the better for the arm.
Is this correct, or it just doesn't matter?
It is one factor.

Other arm comfort factors include:

- weight (heavier is better to a point...too heavy and it threatens the shoulder...too light and you get extra shock)

- SW (higher is better until it threatens your shoulder)

- balance (more HL is generally better, especially as weight increases)

- head size (generally larger heads will soften the impact)

- string pattern (generally more open patterns play softer)

- beam width (generally thinner is softer)

Note these are generalizations. There are always exceptions. And yes, I do take care of my arm. I've seen too many people walking around courts with braces on their arms. This damage can be caused by the hardware or, more often, poor technique which is sometimes induced by the hardware. For example, many noob frames are so hard to control players tap at the ball like they're playing badminton...wrist and elbow pain soon follow because they're using their wrist and elbow to wield a head heavy 10-11 oz frame as if it were a table tennis paddle.
Only on Talk Tennis can you find people who believe
that 10 feet of lead tape has no effect on a frame...
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