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Originally Posted by TheLambsheadrep View Post
So this is based off you actually doing it, right? What grip size did you have before? Since I thought 50mm would be enough, was there a lot of pre-heat room around your grip with your +60mm range? Did you get the sleeves online?
Hi there,

Yup, I've used the sleeves on 4 of my rackets now. I'm trying to bump up my L2 grip size to at least L3.5/4. Brands like Donnay, Prokennex have too much off a squarish grip shape I suspect, making the grip size feel actually smaller than stated. I compared two of my L4 sized grips between my POG & X-Blue99 - was perplexed to see & feel how much thinner the Donnay grip really is..

It's not recommndable to have too much wiggling space between the sleeve & grip as during shrinking, the wrap quality could get deformed. At least this is what the storekeeper told me, and he is spot-on. With the right diameter size, u'll get a snug fit onto the grip, and also no need to trim the edges at the buttcap or grip edge if positioned correctly. I used a 20cm length & it was all good..

His helpful advice also saved me half the price paid; as I got this stuff from a local specialty electronics store & price goes up exponentially beyond 40mm diameter. Make no mistake, this sleeve is seriously difficult to find, at least for larger diameters. I was about to order from TW until making a last ditch effort to scour this final store and presto!

Next up: I'll be punching holes onto the sleeve for my next adjustment to cut down weight addition on the handle region. Balance shift >2pts feels like a non-no & lead tape compensation at the head messes too much with swingweight - throwing my timing totally off

Have fun experimenting!
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