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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Protour...can you address this? We have spent hours with racquet reps and they tell us with modern materials, stiffness is stiffness, regardless of thin or thick frames. Is Lee correct here that a 65 stiffness thick plays harsher than a 65 stiffness thick? Thinking back, I do not think that is my experience. I have played with some thicker Wilson frames that played very, very soft.
stiffness rating is tricky, some flex at throat, some at hoop depending on measurement tool. also you have to consider material which has dampening effects, for example Kevlar and Twaron, they are not stiff but they dampen the shock to the arm. Also the layup plays a major role along with handle construction, throat shoulder construction, tapered, grommet type etc...

I do agree with Lee, that modern game is heading towards stiffer thin beams with open pattern and a bit longer say 27.25, it used to be thin flexible with dense pattern not too long ago ala Pro Tour 630, the pro tour 630 was the most popular frame on the pro tour in the 90's and 2000 but now the game is too powerful and fast, a frame like the original head extreme is ideal

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