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Originally Posted by Oski10s View Post
Australia and the USA, apparently two countries without a common language.
I actually think questioning the definition flagrant, especially in an unofficiated match, has some merit.

I totally agree with all of you who say that FF is breaking the rules. But in a match with no one watching the line how can someone possibly call a foot fault that is an inch onto the baseline? How can a returner who is supposed to be watching the ball make a determination of such a minute margin. Without an official I would say that he can't. Even a net man would have trouble seeing such a small misstep.

This brings us to the definition of flagrant. I think that after all other avenues have been exhausted that an opponent can only call a foot fault if it is so obvious that there cannot be any question that it was anything other than a foot fault.

This all being said, my question is what is the smallest margin that any of you have seen being called in an unofficiated match?

I myself, have seen, in a high school match, someone claiming to be able to see 2 inches of footfault. I personally thought this was crap.

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