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Originally Posted by johndagolfer View Post
I actually think questioning the definition flagrant, especially in an unofficiated match, has some merit.
I was being tongue in cheek. It's the relentlessness of his remarks through these pages and failure to consider the root issue of why FF is wrong, instead of insisting that it can't be enforced.

Originally Posted by johndagolfer View Post
I totally agree with all of you who say that FF is breaking the rules. But in a match with no one watching the line how can someone possibly call a foot fault that is an inch onto the baseline? How can a returner who is supposed to be watching the ball make a determination of such a minute margin. Without an official I would say that he can't. Even a net man would have trouble seeing such a small misstep.
Have you ever had a ball that hit the opposite base line being called out when you knew was in? How can you, from the opposite side of the court, see the ball hit the line while traveling at a fast pace away from you and at that distance? If someone is hooking you (cheating), are you supposed to just keep taking it? So why accept someone that keeps foot faulting?

Otherwise I agree with you that it should be obvious. When I played HS tennis it was a rare occasion that a foot fault was called, but there was never an issue with the opposing player. They knew they dragged their feet into the court. Everyone was conscientious about it, just as people don't touch the net while the ball is in play, or catch the ball before it bounces out.

I now play in a league with about 30 guys. I've not encountered anyone that "flagrantly" disregards this rule. Everybody tries to stay behind the line and thus no foot faults have been called in my experience. It's really that easy.
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