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[QUOTE=Oski10s;7056934]I was being tongue in cheek. It's the relentlessness of his remarks through these pages and failure to consider the root issue of why FF is wrong, instead of insisting that it can't be enforced.

Have you ever had a ball that hit the opposite base line being called out when you knew was in? How can you, from the opposite side of the court, see the ball hit the line while traveling at a fast pace away from you and at that distance? If someone is hooking you (cheating), are you supposed to just keep taking it? So why accept someone that keeps foot faulting?

There is a difference between the two things here. That is focus. As a returner you're not focused, at least you're not supposed to be, on an inch or two of foot fault.

The "hooking" example is a prime reason why you cannot call a foot fault unless it's "flagrant" or extremely obvious. There are linesmen whose job it is to stare and the line and miss calls. That makes me thinks its even more impossible for someone standing at the opposite end of the court to call a foot fault that occurred by an inch or two.

Acceptance has to be a part of non officiated tennis. There are going to be a lot more incorrect calls than if there was an official around. I think this is why the definition of flagrant is important when it comes to this rule.
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