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Originally Posted by spot View Post
You are the one that used the example of people calling footfaults who want to play "College and beyond" and I think thats exactly right. For anyone who wants to play college and beyond they they absolutely should call footfaults every time they see one when playing against friends because those friends can work with their coach to correct the behavior. For people playing league tennis as a hobby- I'd rather watch the ball and return serve rather than watching someone's feet and hoping that they touch the line to win the point without having to play tennis.
This is what I wrote:

"Those that have played, or are playing, competitive tennis (juniors, high school, college, and beyond) have all trained not to foot fault, because they'd be called on it during a match. It's actually the weekend hacks that have never played competitive tennis that think it's no big deal and are so vocal about it around here."

I was merely making the observation that people that play competitively at any level appear to want to play by the rules. Those that play more recreationally appear not to care (as you've reiterated above).

If you don't want to lose the point without the other person having to return your serve, then just don't step on or over the line while you serve. Simple, right?
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