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If you are waiting to see the ball that the receiver hits back to you you are in a better position to assess the accuracy of hs call than you are with foot faults as you are supposed to be looking at the ball leave the hand, reach its maximum height. move forward and hit the ball.

If the ball is going to bounce close to a line everyone is looking for the bounce. A server can only know for sure that he starts from behind the line. A receiver is looking to receive. So no one is looking at the line on a ff.

A foot fault does not lose a point, but a bad line call does and the only respite you get from bad line calls is to call an official?

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Have you ever had a ball that hit the opposite base line being called out when you knew was in? How can you, from the opposite side of the court, see the ball hit the line while traveling at a fast pace away from you and at that distance? If someone is hooking you (cheating), are you supposed to just keep taking it? So why accept someone that keeps foot faulting?
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