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Originally Posted by El Zed View Post
Ok - had some limited time with the racquet, and I'm absolutely blown away. From a feel perspective, they are infinitely nicer than the modern retail Head racquets that I've tried (i.e. IG/YTP Prestige Pro, Mids & MPs, Radical MPs, etc. - won't even mention Babolats here) and are very close to the classics - to me neck & neck with my Prestige Pro 600s, slightly better than my Pro Tours and significantly better than my Prestige 600.

From a performance perspective, they seems to offer the same upside as the APDGT without - what were to me - the negatives. Extremely heavy ball when utilizing a WW stroke and a full western grip, great pace and control. My backhand is measured and predictable when going for put-away shots, while still having access to a nice, precise slice. The 1HBH was always the trouble area with the APDGT in comparison to the Pro Tour, so glad to see it resolved this way. All said, while this racquet is obviously more powerful than the aforementioned Head classics, this power is definitely controllable when utilizing heavy spin and even a flatter shot. I'm impressed, very impressed - always nice to have an effective extra gear.

Fuji and all, if you get the chance to hit with it - you have to take it!
That sounds like a sweet hit! I'd definitely love to get a chance to try them out some day! Thanks for the feed back!

From what I've seen they are rather uncommon as well, so it would probably be good to hold onto those!

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