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Originally Posted by crazygamer2091 View Post
Over the summer whenever someone pulled a ball out wide to my forehand that caused some trouble for me, I would resort to a sliding squash shot. Recently, I found myself to be hitting more running forehands and now have completely forgot how to hit a squash shot.

What do you guys think is a more beneficial shot to use. A squash shot will buy you more time when you are on the defensive because it is more like a flat slice and you can stretch out more to reach it. A running forehand on the other hand gives more variety but chances are the ball will come back if you do not hit a straight out winner. In addition, the ball must be reachable to hit it.

Thoughts? Pros and cons of each shot?
Use the running forehand if you think you have time to turn the shoulders, hip load and drive through the ball while on the run.

If the ball is coming too fast and is about to bounce past you, then hit the squash shot because it requires less preparation.
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