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I played a doubles match in a league in which one of our opponents was flagrantly foot faulting on every serve. According to the rules, we informed him and he continued to serve with one foot totally inside the court (by at least a foot) and the other heel on the line. We once again informed him that he was foot faulting. His response was "you can't call that because it's on our side of the court" (sound familiar?).

Before his next service game, we brought out a league official as indicated by the rules. His response was to claim a time violation on us! The official informed him that this was not the case and stayed to watch his serve. His first serve was so flagrant of a foot fault that he was called on it before he even struck the ball. Second serve ... netted. The official continued to watch as he struggled to serve without foot faulting and lost the game.

On my first serve of the next game, he called a foot fault on me, even though I started well behind the line and did not even come close to the line. He didn't even attempt to return the serve.

The funny thing is, the official had moved off after his service game, but had come back, unobserved, during the changeover and seen the serve. They awarded us the point. Then they stayed for the duration of the match. This infuriated him and he began hitting at us as hard as he could. All we had to do from that point on was hit it to him, get out of the way and watch his ball land well out, or hit the fence.

At the end of the match, he refused to shake hands (his partner did, which drew his ire as well). He was proclaiming to anyone that would listen that we won the match via gamesmanship, not our skills.

I know I followed the rules, and don't consider it gamesmanship to insist that both teams play by the same rules.

Foot faulting does matter, because it is against the rules!
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