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Originally Posted by matchmaker View Post
I can speak for the bike parts, as I also practice cycling. Good wheels: from 300 to 1200 buck; new component group: around 800, etc.

To summarize, every little part on your bike costs about the same as or more than a tennis racquet.

Buying and selling used frames is much cheaper. I personally have to do that whenever I wanna test something because there is no demoing available where I live. But I find that the wait until you get the racquet, the times you try it out and give it a fair chance, then trying to sell it off to buy another one,... all of that causes such a delay that the losses over time are not very big.

One thing I have learnt is to buy one used racquet at a time. Sometimes you get so enthusiastic when you read reviews here you immediately wanna buy two or three. That is really not a good idea. Even if you seem to like a racquet, it is better to wait until you buy some backups. Often by the time you buy the backups, you've finally discovered that the racquet, although you initially liked it, is not really the best for you.
and if you spent a thousand buying performance items for your car, you likely bought one thing that needs a few thousand dollars worth of parts to function "right" or benefit you. I literally had to stop going to my favorite forum because my bank account could no longer support me. My other main hobbies tennis and video games feel very cheap to me and I try to focus on those.
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