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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
That's especially true between the Tour and baseline PSGT. One can easily mod the PSGT to work like the Tour.

But there is a big difference between the LTD and Tour with the main differnces being head size and string pattern. Those two factors combined along with lower flex make the LTD much lower powered than the Tour.

The Tour's balance and SW also make it more powerful and slightly less maneuverable than the LTD (but still a low powerd frame compared to others!)

Both are precise with the edge to the LTD.

So you're right because we're talking very fine shades of gray.

In order of control to power...

1. pure storm LTD GT

2. Pure storm GT

3. Pure storm tour GT

...but all are very control oriented and low powered compared to many other frames. And all over excellent spin access for different reasons.

Having owned the PSLGT and PSGT, and having demo'd the tour extensively I would recommend the PSGT as a great middle ground for customization but would NOT recommend it in stock form. In fact, of the three, I found the PSGT demo very weak.

If you don't want to mod and want more precision at a cost in power go with the PSLGT, more power at the cost of maneuverability then the Tour.
I should be getting my PSGT on Thursday. I wanted to bring the weight to approximately 11.5 oz yet maintain the balance to its current specs. I also ordered the Babolat lead tape. Question: 1. Is the 1/2" going to be too wide and can I cut it down the middle? 2. where would I place the tape in order to maintain the balance and does it go on the outside of the hoop?3. Will the tape peel off any paint if I remove it ?
As you can see I a noob to this customization stuff. Thanks
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