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Originally Posted by souledge View Post
The blocking apps on JB'ed phones is overblown. It'll still run.

Overall, the Android is more feature packed, hands down.

The iPhone is still better in ease of use. This is subjective, and is solely my opinion.

I've had the 3GS, 4, 4S and now 5. I also have a SGN which I think is the only phone series in Android worth getting. I still prefer using a stock iPhone vs. a stock Nexus and a JB'ed iPhone over a rooted Nexus. I can't deal with lag between finger input and OS response.

Don't get me wrong though, Android 4.2 has closed the gap even more though, it's a worthy OS. I just want the smoothest OS, not the second smoothest. I think the general public feels very similar to that.
Uhm, not really...

Android is the most popular platform; and the S3 is the best selling individual phone last quarter.
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