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These are both top racquets and I highly recommend them to anyone who can generate their own power and looking for control for easy put away winners

I own both, level 5.0 except when my mental game lets me down with a decent serve. I'm a leftie too. This is how I rate them after adding 10grams to the handle and overgrip and dampener. Both strung with Pro line II @ 52lb.

Power - LM has a lot more pop. Flat serves are faster with easy power compared to MG. +20%

Control - MG has a touch more but both still great. +10%

Feel / comfort - MG easily. It's a lot softer and has a more muted feel. +20-30% but LM is still fairly good on the arm.

Spin - MG is more menuverable so racquet head speed is easier to generate. +20%.

Sweetspot / forgiveness - LM is easier to use because the sweetspot is bigger and it has more free power. +20%.

Overall the MG is my racquet of choice but only because I like the feel of it and i like to take big cuts at the ball and not have it sail long. The LM Is still a great racquet and my go to stick if i am tired or the balls are slow and heavy.

If u prefer more pOwer and a more solid feeling racquet the LM is the better choice iMHO, if u like a plush control orientated racquet the MG is the better choice

My 2 cents
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