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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
V-verb, isn't that the production model of Blues Saraceno's amp? He got some great tone out of his, so if the production model is the same I bet you are in tone heaven!
Hey Ken!

Spot on! That's the Mojave Amps version of Blues' amp.

From what I gather, Blues Dad Alex licensed the amp to Mojave and then changed his mind so it was not advertised by Blues and sold only 17 or 18 of them.

The components are first rate. For example, Blues original amp used a Chinese made variac, this one uses a US Staco Variac. The quality of components and workmanship is superb, in contrast to Alex Saraceno's amps which sounded great but had that home-made look (although I would love to have one of Alex's amps).

It has perhaps the best cleans I've heard, and the dirty sounds can sustain forever if you want. A great amp!

Would love to see some of your gear - just enjoy seeing guitar gear. You're an EVH guy? Saw then in Toronto - great show. My buddy who is a Les Paul fanatic tried a recent Japan made EVH and said it was unbelievable - about $800 used - not bad!



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