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Originally Posted by Pro_Tour_630 View Post
do you think this kid will become a Pro boxer or Pro MMA fighter who earns millions? can we predict at 13 year olds on who will be a pro champion? I knew you'd like the video
its possible , its the road I have taken with DB , what they do with a kid when the kid has the goods proper technique ,hunger they usually protect them and groom them , not to many fights, light schedule but keep him competitive "sparring" they will have him fight golden gloves , maybe Olympics ect. then look to turn pro .

One of the mistakes I see in tennis is overplayed , kids with solid technique when their young are drenched in tourneys , example a kid in our area won OB and EH back to back and in 1 calender year he played some 50 tourneys as many as 2 a week through the summer , this kid was mentally tough but lacked in some areas technically they should have worked on this he today would be a monster but he is going to college .
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