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Default Pure Storm rackets

Originally Posted by Llefty View Post
Julian, I'm curious why you don't recommend the Pure Storm GT. My 9 year old daughter has been using the Pure Storm Team GT, which is just a bit lighter, for about a year now. I've got it strung with Technifibre X-One 18 guage at middle of the range.
I know couple little things
1.Pure Storm rackets do require that power be provided by a player
2.If power is NOT provided by a player it will change shots into blocking shots
i.e shots which have little turn of shoulder,etc (little unit turn),little follow through
3.I do NOT know whether the Pure Storm Team GT has problems
described by #1 and #2 IN ALL cases but general belief is that does
4.I would advice to talk to a coach/instructor of your daughter
to check whether her preparation is early and follow through long enough
5.If the next racket bought will be of Babolat probably Aero Pro or Pure Drive
would be a better type
6.Please let me know whether my response is clear enough.
Please note that in my posts for Dr.Perry I was dealing with a pre-sale situation.
Your scenario is a bit different because you have a racket already

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