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Originally Posted by Volley123 View Post
I should be getting my PSGT on Thursday. I wanted to bring the weight to approximately 11.5 oz yet maintain the balance to its current specs. I also ordered the Babolat lead tape. Question: 1. Is the 1/2" going to be too wide and can I cut it down the middle? 2. where would I place the tape in order to maintain the balance and does it go on the outside of the hoop?3. Will the tape peel off any paint if I remove it ?
As you can see I a noob to this customization stuff. Thanks
The best thing for the 1/2 inch tape is to take off the grommets, get the tape measure to your liking, place tape in the center over the grommet hole, best at 3 & 9 (wont really mess up balance), poke holes in the tape were grommets go, reinstall grommets. It looks better that way.

Place the lead on the inside of the hoop, like I said, best at 3 & 9 for same balance. Will also help torsional stability, which is huge with those racquets.

I had the PSGT for a long time and found that 1/4 lead tape is a better fit and easy to install and remove.

To remove, use a hair dryer. Go over the lead about 60 seconds and it will come off with no paint removal.

Enjoy the sticks, they are great with a poly, syn gut hybrid also.
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