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Originally Posted by TheJRK View Post
The last person to string my racket was Sup. I have no idea what strings he used or the tension.

Went to the doc to get my ribs checked out... just bruised, not broken. Oddly enough, the symptoms are the same, just without the whole punctured lung part. Doc said I have to avoid taking shallow breaths (even though it hurts to breath normally) otherwise I'll develop pneumonia, WTF?!

Let's set up a TWMAC kids tennis meet. Kids vs. kids while the parents just eat and drink.

My kid - can serve all double faults.

Dat's kid - can obsess about racket choice the entire time.

Auzzie's kid - can have lead poisoning.

Zap's kid - can bring the hotdogs.

hollywood's kid - can talk about the WNBA the entire time.

Sappy's kid - can show up, hit one ball, then sit in a chair the rest of the time.

I can bring my 15 yo to referree... and another 12 pack
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