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Originally Posted by TennisPo View Post
Hey dude, the Head IG Speed 300 fit everything in your criteria. Also, I've tried it, it's an awesome all-around, manuverable racquet. I like it a lot. If I wasn't looking for a lot of spin in a smaller package (aka instinct), i would get this. But be careful: a new "Graphene" version of this racquet is set to be released on January 11, 2013
Thanks for the comments and the tip. The IG Speed 300 is the real 'sleeper' out of the racquets I'm looking at.

From all that I've read the Donnay XP Dual 102 Black, Pacific XFeel Tour, and the Pro Kennex Ki Q5 295 seemed to be the real standouts to me but for some reason I always have an eye on the IGS 300.

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