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Originally Posted by movdqa View Post
> My elbow snapped with the 260.2, a fairly soft stick, I
> believe around 58-59 RA. However, it was set up way too
> light. 330g strung and it did it and I am struggling with my
> elbow ever since. The PT57A did help for two reasons: 1) it
> was soft and 2) it was set up heavier, 355g. However, my
> TE is there and I still play with a brace.

I think that the 260.2s are pretty good on the arm. I like racquets in the 360-370 grams area and the weight does help to take out the shock and instability in frames. 260.2s are pretty hard to get though. Especially in XL.

> Thes days I am using the IG Speed MP, so, not that soft,
> but, again, around 355-360g with the silicone in the
> handle (mutes vibrations) and lead around the hoop. My
> elbow is taking it, however, it always reminds me that it is
> not fixed, so, I have to be careful.

I'm a bit surprised that you're going with the Speed. I'm kind of the same way with the 238.4s - I wouldn't go any stiffer and I have to be careful on arm health. I can play all out but have to limit myself on the number of matches per week.

I have a bunch of 292.3s but I haven't customized them yet. I'm up in the air between selling them and customizing them. The 238.4s are just about perfect for me but I think that I could get the 292.3s there too with about a two weeks of effort. Those three layers of lead from 10 to 2 are the killer. I just need to take one layer off and add some at 3/9 (not as much needed as with the 238.4s) and it should be very nice to play with and nicer on my arm.

The IG series seems quite popular in general.

hI movdqa,

Whats the balance in your 238.4 xl , do you play with 1 or 2 backhand, because the 376 is heavy, my pt57a xl were 362 but with a SW of 375 which make them like a big hammer, and since I play with 1bh it was very hard to play even with e 32.2 balance .
(3) RF97 A 363.5 grams, 31.3 cm Balance, 342 SW, Gosen Sidewinder 17G @ 52 Gamma 6004 w/Wise 2086
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