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Originally Posted by BigServer1 View Post
Android is the most popular platform worldwide, but over the last few months in the US, they've lost market share while the iPhone has picked up market share. Android is still larger in the US, but it's lost some ground rather than continuing to steamroll.

The iPhone 5 will be the best selling phone in Q4, moreso than the GSIII. The iPhone sold more than 8 million units in Q3 even though the phone was released 9 days before the end of the quarter...It makes sense, as the GSIII isn't as new as it was, and the iP5 is newer.

Finally, the stats show that 80% of smartphone content spending ($$$) happens on iOS. It's just a difference in markets. Some Android users are power users who spend on apps and content and really utilize their Note IIs and GSIIIs. That is a smaller percentage of users though than the casual users who want a cheap phone that they can check email and occasionally browse the web on (again, the spend numbers back that claim up).

Example: The iPhone rarely, if ever goes on sale. On the flip side, you can get an Android phone free when you buy a suit at Joseph A. Bank clothier. It's largely different market segments.

One reason all that spending occurs over iOS is because Iphone users have to pay for many things that are free on Android or built into that operating system.

And I don't buy that the market segments are largely different; its just that Android competes on multiple levels and tiers (with multiple manufacturers) while Apple is pretty much only premium; hence the premium Apple users pay... Same with the PC market. Apple has always demanded a premium and avoided the discount model. They almost went out of business doing so, but now find themselves in an enviable position; won't last forever (just ask Microsoft or IBM)...

However, Samsung certainly competes directly with Apple and are approaching similar profit margins and with a much broader portfolio of products.

But don't get me wrong; I'm glad an American company can and does dominate in a given sector. However, monopolies are not good...

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