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double barrels
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your passion for tennis and improving is remarkable.
I completely respect your goal...
I too am trying to get that 1 ATP point, however, my goal is to get it in doubles. If I succeed in singles, that will just be a bonus.
Earlier this year I would consider myself a solid 4.5 player, now I would like to think I am an average 5.0 singles and doubles player (at least in the atlanta area).
I will be 24 before the end of the year, so my singles time is running short, however doubles has many many years before I even peak.
What do you suggest as far as starting the process of tournaments?
I currently play USTA, ALTA (atlanta league) and Ultimate Tennis (flex league).

I plan on trying to enter some ITF tournaments by the end of spring/start of summer, any suggestions on how to go about that?
4 kblades 16x19, alu rough/syn high 40s
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