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Originally Posted by lynnbart View Post

Are you happy with the Neos ? Since the only used Neos' that I can find are priced right at new, I may just go the Wise route and upgrade my 602FC.....
I am a very happy Neos user for a lot of reasons. My Neos is very quick and easy to use. It was in great shape when I got it and many accessories and string for it and I got a pretty good deal ($500) on it. I personally would hold out looking for a better price. I did a nationwide search on craigslist for Neos 1000 and found four priced between $750 and $850 but I think you can do better than that.

However I can only compare it to the other machines I've owned (a Klippermate for 5 years) or used (a Gamma X-2, an Alpha Pioneer DC II, an EAG-300 which is Eagnas's Neos knockoff, and an Eagnas tabletop dropweight with fixed clamps whose model number I'm can't remember). Since the Neos new probably costs close to what all those other machines sell for combined a reasonable person would expect the Neos to be better than any one of them.

One thing though on the Neos is that I believe Prince is currently in the midst of a bankruptcy filing so the future of that company and the Neos is a bit murky. I will say my next stringer upgrade when I have strung enough on my Neos to have 'paid' for it will be a Wise.
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