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Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
Hrmmm, maybe i should get a Pink Blade 98 for 69 bucks and string it up with pink cyclone and crush all u chumpz.... hrmmmmm
dang it... i should just open a nova demo center and have an excuse for 50 racquets
blxproopens on sale for 79. if anybody wants an inexpensive pure drive... they play pretty sweet. seriously.. i could crush u wit dem janks too!
prestigemid on sale for 89. finally a sale on interesting items!
i dunno why people have rice cookers... almost every kind of rice i have is 1cup rice to 1&1/3 cup water. boil for 20-25min. serve. although sometimes when i am making my main course masterpiece i must admit i sometimes forget to make the rice which is why i served my chicken on a bed of spinach and just hoped it was good and filling enough.
i also have zero counter space for another appliance.
ok who wants to set up a weekly hit time at skyline? i needz to get some tennis & exercise. jrk? topaz? anybody? sigh. back to my donuts. let me know if anybody is interested. werd.
me too! i am tempted between the blade, or the donnay. you get blade and i will get donnay that way we can both demo:P
Member of TW MAC. yes, we are better than you. and we bout to hop on a court to make another 'mil
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