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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
That video looked a lot like the 3.5 and 4.0 women's doubles I see regularly at my club. I label it as passive doubles as it is rare that all four ladies are at or inside the service line during the point. Instead the entire point is often played one up and one back on each side and less than half of the points are ended with a volley and very few are ended with an overhead.
The video looked like the low end of ladies 4.0. I say that because you can't just lob and moonball at the higher end. If the server moves in and takes those as volleys or overheads or swinging volleys, the moonballing will stop.

Those are high 4.0 strokes, IME.

Regarding 3.5 men S&V . . . I played 7.5 mixed last night. There were four 3.5 guys on Doubles Two and Three. None of these men S&V. One didn't move at all. One tended to back up and bounce everything. The other two just played groundstrokes until they got something short. Then they would either smack it or hit deep and come to net.

My 4.0 female opponent came to net consistently, and it is clear that is her style of play.
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