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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
Just to be clear, the "concerns" I have stated are not mine. They are based on my reading of posts by those who are opposed to the proposed changes

I do not have a problem with the concept of smaller USTA national draws. I have not taken the time to assess all the details, and I suppose some details could be tweaked. I generally adhere to the MarTennis line of thinking that the USTA's proposed changes shouldn't make any given junior a better or worse player.....hope I haven't misrepresented your thinking, MarTennis.

In response to your specific comment, it has been our family's experience that a coach who is recruiting in the top-50 TRN, will not usually look at #200 TRN just because #200 TRN happens to be at the same tournament with the top 50. I suppose lightning like this could strike, but I think the odds are low.

Coaches who focus on #150--#300 for example, will go where the largest concentration of these players are entered, whether it is a USTA national or a TRN national, I think.
I partually agree with you. Maybe 2 different draws one at L1 and one at L2 simultaneously would not be a bad idea. Actually this is kind of what will happen in Arizona - some juniors will not make the cut into 18th and will play 16th with the hope to be seen too. And some of them are inside 100 TRN.
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