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+1 to what NiteFly said about 60s (or older) housing. My first house was 1940s and had exterior asbestos shingles/siding. They were holding up well but I would have dreaded having to pull them down to put something else.

Other thing to watch with housing of that age is actually outside. Beware the large tree(s) and shrubs close to the house. Taking down a high-risk tree is downright expensive. Also, the water/sewer lines in the ground to the street are probably not PVC....and are highly susceptible to being blocked by fine roots from those said trees. No real way to test that stuff short of running a roter-rooter w/video down the lines (which isn't normally part of a home inspection)...but just keep it in the back of your mind as a potential future worry/expense.

Good luck! There's some nice things about older homes, namely the materials and craftsmanship. They also are in established neighborhoods (which has its pros and cons) but, properly vetted, can be a good investment.
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